Krazi Baker

Artisan hotplate baking.

What we do

Krazi Baker is a family run baking service run by Mark Douglas, the Krazi Baker himself and the founder of the company. Mark and his family live in Dromore, County Down, Northern Ireland. 

He began Krazi Baker after being inspired by the street food on offer on various city breaks throughout continental Europe: 

“You’d see every product under the sun, but never bread baked on site. I was wondering how to do this and when I went back to work, the answer was staring me in the face - hotplates and soda bread.”


Mark developed this idea back in Northern Ireland and decided to start up a mobile Irish Griddle Bread service. This idea in practice, became quite a nostalgic experience for a lot of our Krazi Kustomers, who would reminisce of a time when their Granny would make soda farls for them.

They tell us of how much of a treat that was and so, soda farls are associated with a good time in the hearts and minds of the Northern Irish people. It was this sense of theatre and drama of watching the Krazi Baker bake in front of them, not least, the smell of the bread that captured and enticed all of our Krazi Kustomers. 


Where we are now – Covid-19


Markets and food shows were the bread and butter of our business. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, few to no markets remain open and this has decimated our trade along with many other food and hospitality businesses throughout the world.

Here at Krazi Baker, we knew we had to diversify to survive. Therefore, we have started a bread delivery service. 

The response to this has been tremendous and there is a real need and demand for these products throughout the country. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Krazi Kustomers who are supporting us through this difficult time.

We can’t wait to see all your happy faces again at the food shows and markets all over the country when this destructive pandemic pass.